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What are cookies?

Cookies aren’t anything new – each and every website visitor has many of these cookies saved on their computer, smartphone or tablet from many different websites. What IS new is that under the new legislation (ZEKom-1) the way website visitors have to be notified or rather give consent to their usage.

Cookies are small text files, which most websites store in the devices its visitors use to access the internet in order to recognize the individual devices users have used when accessing the website. Their storage is under the complete control of the browser, used by the user – this browser can limit or disable the storage of cookies per the user’s wishes.

Cookies hold a key role in the assurance of user-friendly web services. Interaction between a web user and website is both faster and simpler thanks to cookies. With their help a website can remember the user’s preferences, preferred choices and former experiences, thus saving the user’s time and making web surfing more efficient and user-friendly. Cookies can also be used to track the user and for advertising purposes, which is what the ZEKom-1 legislation is ultimately trying to prevent.

More detailed information about cookie is available in the Information Representative Manual.

Cookies on gostilna-repnik.si

On our website we use cookies for:

– Website activity

Required cookies

– Website visitor statistics

Google Analytics
Wordpress stats

The website does not use so-called “invasive” cookies – these are cookies that would collect (and forward) detailed information about the user, or that would advertise, market or otherwise abuse the user’s privacy.

Disabling cookies

Users can independently decide whether they wish to enable the use of cookies. You can control or change these settings in your preferred web browser. Additional information about cookies (for different web browsers) is available on the following links:


If you turn cookies off, some website options might be disabled.