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Dreamy wedding package

A wedding is a one of a kind event, one that should become an unforgettable and unique memory, at least for the bride and groom. In the haste of today we can hardly take care of everything by ourselves, which is exactly why we’ve prepared the Dream wedding package for you! Prepare to be spoiled in a very special way, starting the day before the wedding, and of course on the wedding day itself. Because tradition dictates that the bride and groom shouldn’t spend the night before their wedding together, we’ve prepared a program which will offer you just that. Additionally, we’ll make sure your special day is truly perfect.


The Bride’s Perfect Day with the Saten Package

The Saten program ensures that the bride has a magical day, spent with her closes friends and relatives. The package includes:

  • final tryouts for the wedding dress and the arrangement of all details,
  • a visit to the stylist, which will “groom” the bride to perfection – gorgeous haircut, beautiful make up and a whole manicure/pedicure treatment for her nails,
  • a relaxing and invigorating massage,
  • A light dinner followed by some exquisite culinary indulgence

The evening before the wedding is of great importance, so it’s vital that the bride spends it completely stress-free. She can choose between two thematic evenings.


The “El Classico” Package


Spend the evening having fun in “Budnarca” – an old museum house complete with a black kitchen, where you can test yourself in:

  • bread-making,
  • making a delicious, home-made marmalade to indulge in during your marriage,
  • Making your own Home Pharmacy with acquiring valuable knowledge about all the medicinal herbs you can gather in Slovenia, along with the know-how of their use and preparation

This will all be accompanied with some superior quality wine tasting of wines especially chosen for the occasion.

The “El Divo” Package


You will spend the evening in our mini hotel, where the following will be prepared for you:

  • a numerology workshop, where you can find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the meaning of numbers, what you can decipher from your name and surname and what importance your birth date holds,
  • a home beauty shop with a mini course in everyday makeup appliance.

Of course this will all be accompanied by quality wine tasting from our collection of bubbly wines.

No matter the package chosen, rest assured – we’ll make sure that you and your dear female company will have an unforgettable day. We’ll provide you fit uniform outfits, be it T-shirts or any other kind of clothing you prefer. Throughout the evening you will be accompanied by a professional photographer, who will capture all of these memorable events for your viewing pleasure.
But most of all, this evening is for you, so spend with however much stress-free chatter and gossip you want – you deserve it. Each member of your group will also get a unique surprise, chosen by the bride

The Groom’s Perfect Day

The Groom’s perfect day before the wedding day will be stock full of adrenaline and will reek of gasoline – we’ve prepared and unforgettable adventure for you, which will be the main topic of conversation among you friends for years to come.

This Groom’s Day is Called Scrapyard Wars!

The boys will gather in the scrapyard, where they will be faced with a special challenge. They will be divided in groups and put in work clothes, given appropriate tools and for the grand finish – they’ll be given hunks of metal that once used to be cars. Their mission? Bring them back to life!
Each group will have a special theme that they have to adhere to while also restoring the car to a drivable condition.

The final test will include starting up the restored can and driving it to the finish line, but that’s not all! At the very end you’ll have to DESTROY the car, according to “European guidelines”.

We’ll make sure that the location is not only packed full of adrenaline, but also has real steaks for your culinary enjoyment, along with the tasting of various wines and beers.

The groom is also in for a special surprise in the form of a car wash!