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Childrens birthdays

Birthdays are magical days for children, full of excitement and expectations. Those best celebrations are remembered by children for the rest of their lives, and that’s what we aim for – creating the best, most wonderful memories. Parents can choose between two thematic celebrations.


Horseys birthday


This birthday will take around 3 hours, during which the children have fun with riding ponies, grooming horses, making their own pony out of straw, drawing them according to their imagination and play in the hay under the watchful eyes of our supervising animators, followed by some delicious warm snacks, a homemade birthday cake and the grand finale – a treasure hunt! You can trust us to make this experience safe and memorable for the children, who will go home stock full of new impressions and valuable knowledge.

A Birthday with Aunt “Daisy Flower” in Budnarca


This birthday will also take around 3 hours, during which the children will get familiar with bread-making, learning how to start a fire, how to knead dough, make their own tiny loaves of bread and pizza and then baking them in an actual bread oven. But that’s not all! We’ll also make and bake clay cups which the children will be able to take home in memory of the child celebrating the birthday. This program will teach tradition to the children, as they’ll find out how people used to eat and sleep, what tools they used to work with, and we’ll accompany all this with an educational and interesting story about Aunt “Daisy Flower” which could brew a tea from nearly all the flowers growing nearby.